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Broker Class

Accelerated Broker’s Class


It is time to go back to school and get your New Jersey Brokers License!

Get a running start in the real estate market by joining us as we form a 150-hr NJREC Brokers class this August 2011! If you have been thinking of getting a real estate license or a Brokers license, the Best School of Rreal Estate will be holding classes this August!

Sessions are as follows:

No Brokers Class Until 2013
Please Call 732-266-3366 to pre-register for 2013 classes.


Tuition for the sections is as follows:


Section 1:                     $750

Section 2:                     $500

Section 3:                      $500


Special! Combine all 3 sections for $1200!


Please contact 732-266-3366 for more info.



We have available for your use in class:
Computer Stations



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