Frequently Asked Questions



What if I miss a day?

You can make it up on a regularly scheduled class day. Keep in mind that you are allowed to miss up to 20% of the class time- this includes anytime you miss (leave early/late.)


If I have questions or if I need to miss the class for more than a day (vacation, illness, etc…, who do I call?

Call or text  732-266-3366.

What are the requirements to obtain a license?

Please visit the New Jersey Real Estate Commission website for the full list of requirements:


 What if I am late?

Please come in quietly.

Can I leave early?

Please leave quietly.

Can I bring food/drinks to class?

Yes, but please clean up after yourself.

Is there a dress code?

We ask that you wear appropriate clothing for a classroom environment.

Can I answer my cell phone in class?

Yes, but please move to the hallway and be quiet.

Can I ask questions in class?

Yes. Please stop the instructor if you need clarification.

Do I need to do outside reading?

While it is not required, it is recommended.

Do I need to take the tests in the book?

You will be given several tests and quizzes throughout the course. The tests in the book help gage your knowledge level and prepare you for the state test. 

Should I take notes?

You should take notes on all lectures and highlight important information in your textbook.

Should I study the glossary?

Yes. You should know all of the definitions.


What if I miss or fail my class test?

You many schedule a make-up test or a retest.


Where can I get information on PSI, the fingerprinting process and other NJREC requirements?

Go to google, search put NJREC, go to the official website and click on real estate licensing and education. You will find links to PSI, the fingerprinting process and other very important information. The link is:


How do I sign up with PSI?

Once you have completed the course, we will collect your attendance and chapter logs and your final test. At that time, we will input salesperson candidates electronically into the state’s PSI database. Broker candidates will be given a certificate. YOU MUST VERIFY ALL COMPLETION INFORMATION with the instructor.  

How soon must I take the State test?

We recommend that you take the test as soon as possible after completing the course. You have 1 year from the time you complete the class to hang your licenses with a broker. You must schedule the state test with PSI.


What if I fail the State test?

You can retake the state test in accordance with the testing centers availability. You can also contact us to schedule refresher classes. If you do not pass the test and hang your license with a broker within the 1 year period, then you must retake the course.


How & when do I get fingerprinted?

You should get fingerprinted after you have passed the state test. PSI will provide you with instructions.